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New Narratives

Sunny Sundays is a creative studio for contemporary brand communication. We capture societal transformation and create future-oriented narratives. We engage in social discourse and public debates, reflect on the diversity of people’s realities and focus on potentials & resources instead of backward-looking deficits.

In this way we open up creative landscapes that motivate, activate, inspire and involve.

Off the beaten paths

We are curious and observing, always open and bold to explore something new. We consider ourselves on a constant journey, rather learning than knowing. We put questions over answers following our circular approach with which we look at the world.

Human centered

We put people over process. Our high level of empathetic competence enables us to perceive individuals holistically in their needs, concerns and aspirations. We observe and listen very carefully, capture moods and identify the true motivation behind behavior.

Mindful & Embracing

We place a strong emphasis on an inviting atmosphere. Our transparent, co-creative and collaborative way of working involves everyone participating the process. Every thought and expression is given its space. We are aware of the power of speech and therefore choose our words mindfully.